About Us

Melinda and I started “Salt” with a genuine desire to share our knowledge and passion for boating. Our versatile sailing experiences, including cruising for two years with our family, have provided us the know-how to make your transition, whether buying or selling, the best possible. Having been raised in the boat building industry, surrounded by a family who valued integrity, quality and a “love what you do attitude”, Salt Yacht Brokerage Co. LLC fuses a full-service yacht brokerage with a strong sense of what messing about in boats should be all about.

The process of buying a boat should be more than a transaction. Purchasing a boat should be the start of an exciting and fulfilling adventure, endless in its possibilities. Likewise, selling is more than a listing on “YachtWorld.” It requires an understanding of the boat presented, who the clientele for the particular vessel may be, and how to get them together. Whether you are thinking about purchasing for the first time or the tenth time, moving up or down in size, selling, or just looking for advice, give Salt Yacht Brokerage a call. If you are wondering about the name Salt, it was the name of one of our favorite boats, full of character, solid and trustworthy. We thought it would also be a good name for our venture.

See you on the Bay,

Tom and Melinda Lippincott